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Didaco Roderiz, Munio Roderiz, Feles Roderiz, Donna Gotina..., daughter of --- (-after 29 Dec 924).

Rudericus Didaz et uxor mea Justa donated property to the monastery of San Juan de Tabladillo by charter dated 29 Dec 924, witnessed by ...

They also strengthened the county's frontiers against Muslim incursions, although in the later 10th and early 11th centuries the ruling counts benefited from strategic alliances with certain Muslim rulers.

In the early 11th century, the county of Castile was to some extent eclipsed by the powerful Sancho III King of Navarre, who had succeeded as king in 999 and already controlled the county of Aragon in addition to Navarre itself.

This shared authority is illustrated by the Cronica de Sampiro which names "Nunius Fredenandi, Abolmondar Albus et suus filius Didacus, et Fredenandi Ansuri filius" (see below, Chapter 1, parts D, A and C, respectively) as those counts who governed "Burgos" and who were captured by King Ordoo II "in riuo Carrion, loco Tebulare", datable to [922/23] from the context of the passage.

In 930, Gonzalo Fernndez, known as "de Lara" from the castle which he built, succeeded his father after nine years in exile.

According to Prez de Urbel, Rodrigo's appointment as conde in Castilla suggests some relationship with the royal family, maybe through Paterna, second wife of King Ramiro I.

In 804, a separate bishopric was established at Valpuesta to administer religious affairs in the area.Although his sister, the queen of Navarre, nominally succeeded as countess in her own right, the county was claimed in her name by her husband King Sancho, who installed their second son Fernando as count in her place.After extending his influence to the kingdom of Len through another judicious marriage, King Sancho became the focus of all political power in the various Christian states in Spain. The king divided his territories between his sons on his death in 1035.King Sancho married the eldest daughter of Sancho Garca Count of Castile in 1010, which was to prove a judicious move for his own further territorial expansion.

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In 1029, the last independent Count of Castile, Garca II Snchez, was murdered.

The dating clause of a charter dated 29 May 873, under which "senior Didaco Ovecoz..uxore mea domna Guntroda" donated the churches of Santa Mara de Fresno and San Andrs de Treviana to the monastery of San Mams, records "principe... Gundisalbo Gudistioz, Didaco Gudistioz, Ruderico Didaz... to San Pedro de Cardea The Cronica de Sampiro names "Nunius Fredenandi, Abolmondar Albus et suus filius Didacus, et Fredenandi Ansuri filius" as those counts who governed "Burgos" and who were captured by King Ordoo II "in riuo Carrion, loco Tebulare", dateable to [922/23] from the context of the passage.

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