Sirius player not updating

25-Oct-2017 08:05

Once your phone has powered back up, go to the Settings on your phone to make sure the Bluetooth connection is turned on.

Check your “Trusted Devices” list to see if Sync is on the list.

Your Sync system will produce a PIN number and ask you to enter the PIN into your phone. Please be careful, do not touch both the positive and negative poles at the same time. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp.

Once your Sync system recognizes your phone it will begin to ask questions such as “Turn on 911 Assist? The Sync system will ask if you want to Download Phone Book, then push OK or Yes. Twist and pull the entire battery cable clamp off of the battery and keep it off for about five minutes.

If it shows “Sync” and “Not connected” that’s because your phone recognizes the Sync connection and is waiting for your vehicle to be turned on before it links up with the Sync system. Within a few minutes your Sync system will connect to your phone.

On the My Ford Touch system you will see the name or the model number of the connected device displayed in the upper right corner of the center console screen.

See this short video to be sure you are using the hands-free calling process correctly.

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Click on this video link for a short video on “pairing a device to My Ford Touch.” Here is an overview of the pairing process: Before pairing your i Phone with SYNC, go to the Settings folder and turn Bluetooth On.

From time to time, Bluetooth signals get scrambled and this causes system problems.

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