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The Shinkage-ryu group was probably that of Kato S., of the Shumpukan. One guy had his shinai knocked out of his hands; his opponent came in with a *really* big menuchi. The disarmed guy threw his aite with one of the best osotogari I've seen in a long time and then scored with men dori.They've also demonstrated Owari Kan-ryu a couple of times at the Butokuden. Very classic stuff -- it makes me wet just thinking about it.

Any names which I give are usually one person amongst many, perhaps the only name that I caught in a long list. Also, in addition to all of the iai at the Butokukai, I distinctly remember a lot of naginata, in addition to Niten Ichi Ryu, some Itto Ryu and Hoki Ryu iai.

Kim, congratulations on the great job you've done with the design of an easily accessible, and enjoyable format for the images - your page looks great!

My PC's hard-drive crashed on friday, and I haven't been able to get back online since then...

I'm going to be in both Tokyo and Shizuoka, possibly Kyoto, but my schedule somewhat flexible, so might be able to make it to a variety of things.

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13th to Jan 8th, and was hoping that people might be able to reccommend and interesting budo-ish activities that might be going on during this time frame.

My apologoes for any mistakes and the lack of detail. There was also some Shinkage Ryu stuff, although I don't know which line (they wore bright red kote, laquered like the fukuro shinai). The kusarigama guy had the kendo guy completely flummoxed and whacked him cleanly in the doh a number of times with the fundo (that's what you call the weight at the end of the chain, right?