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Different institutions have provided heat shot photography, jewelry, hair styling and make up services.

Additionally, a family friend donated website building services to the cause.

Now 16, Macey has endured more than 70 surgeries to treat the illness, and doctors have warned that more operations 'would do more harm than good'.

Macey now has to be fed intravenously through her heart because of the toll the disease has taken on her GI tract.

The transplant would provide Macey with a new stomach, liver and pancreas and new intestines.

But the procedure might not work long-term, and it is risky.

It also causes recurring UTIs in some patients because it can affect the bladder muscles. Severe cases of the disease, such as Macey's, must be treated with an intestinal transplant.

But for one weekend at the end of the month she will be able to live the life of a normal teenager and participate in the Miss Maryland Teen USA pageant in Rockville, Maryland.

Macey's illness was diagnosed while her mother Mickey was still pregnant with her, and she was originally given one week to live.

Her case is severe, but the disease can sometimes be treated with medications.

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Fox domestication Living with the wild: interacting with wild foxes Interaction with other Species Small and Medium-sized Mammals Livestock Gamebirds Arctic Foxes and other Carnivores Deer Native Animals in Australia Plants and Invertebrates Questions and Answers Evolution and Early Distribution: Dogs and cats are Carnivorans, that is, they’re members of the taxonomic order Carnivora (note this is different to simply being a carnivore, or meat-eater, which is not a taxonomic grouping), which is one of 29 orders within the class Mammalia.'I'm always at some level of pain.' When this pain becomes intense Macey has to take painkillers or go to the hospital.

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