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His worried mother took him to a psychologist, whose tests showed that young Hefner had an IQ of 152 — far above average — but was emotionally immature.The psychologist told Grace Hefner that she could help her son by acting more warmly and sympathetically toward him.For Glenn Hefner was a direct descendant of William Bradford, one of the English Puritan Separatists who sailed to America on the Mayflower in the early 1600s. “There was a point in time when my mother, later in life, apologized to me for not being able to show affection. I said to her, ‘Mom, you couldn't have done it any better.The irony was not lost on Hugh Hefner, who would routinely cite this lineage when explaining his rebellion.“Our family was Prohibitionist, Puritan in a very real sense. And because of the things you weren't able to do, it set me on a course that changed my life and the world.”Born in Chicago, Hugh Marston Hefner was an introverted youth who loved to chase butterflies.The 1980s brought AIDS, the end of the Playboy clubs, the rise of the religious right, the Meese Commission on Pornography, all of which had a deleterious impact on circulation.Hefner's image was tainted by the suicide of a trusted associate who overdosed on drugs and his indirect connection to the Dorothy Stratten tragedy, in which the 1980 Playmate of the Year was murdered by her estranged husband. Though he made a full recovery, he decided, as he put it, to “put down some luggage.” In 1988, he turned over day-to-day operations of his enterprises to his daughter, Christie, while retaining the editorship of the magazine.“He took the old-fashioned, shame-thumbed girlie magazines, stripped off the plain wrapper, added gloss, class and culture.It proved to be a sure-fire formula.”The magazine reflected Hefner himself — or at least the invention that became known the world over as Hefner, or simply Hef.

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“Now he’s going around with four young women in their 20s instead of just one….

He shared the fantasy not only through the magazine but through a string of Playboy Clubs, where anyone able to pay a modest membership fee could be served food and drinks by “Bunnies” — well-endowed women costumed in rabbit ears, puffy tails and satin corsets so tight that sneezing burst the seams.