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Even as NATO remains unclear as to the military importance of the new missile's development, member states agree that it represents a violation of trust. The more moderate responses are marked in green while the more severe are in orange. For the missiles to have the desired deterrent effect on Russia, though, they would have to be stationed in Europe - just like during the Cold War.

"Everybody keeps a straight face and sits up straight." Such was the atmosphere four weeks ago when the group gathered to hear carefully prepared remarks from U. Possible Punitive Measures Washington has now issued its allies an ultimatum: By the alliance summit in the summer of 2018, Mattis said at the recent top-secret meeting in Brussels, NATO must find a common position on forcing the Russians to return to INF Treaty compliance, with coercion if necessary. to go it alone under a White House led by Donald Trump is something nobody wants to think about," said one NATO diplomat.In the meeting, Mattis pointed out that other NATO member states have also obtained intelligence pertaining to the Russian developments, something Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis confirmed in comments to DER SPIEGEL. intelligence material to be credible but that final proof is still lacking, said a source in Berlin.