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23-Oct-2017 06:28

ROYAL DOULTON, the fine china maker, issued another profits warning yesterday when it said a new computer system designed to make the company Millennium-compliant had developed serious problems.The company, which is selling a range of Millennium gifts, said the problems led to delivery delays of up to 10 weeks and a sales shortfall of up to £12m.

With a little experience to back it up, a tactile inspection can also confirm or dispel any suspicions we may hold as to the authenticity of the piece.The Stoke-on-Trent group has spent £1m on extra staff to cope with the order backlog."It's a cock-up," admitted Hamish Grossart, the chairman.Backlogs are expected to return to previous levels by year-end.

Royal Doulton is in the midst of extensive restructuring which has already cost 1,500 jobs.Almost all of the Royal Doulton figurines that have an HN# can be easily dated from a online guide or some of the old Charlton Standard Catalogues of Royal Doulton Figurines.