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27-Oct-2017 23:21

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More free time Both Anders and Bohlen have said Modern Talking's split will free them up to do other things.

Anders will concentrate on his solo career, Bohlen has started working on his second book and has just signed a three-year contract with private TV RTL for further involvement in the German version of reality TV show "Pop Idol", in which Bohlen starred as a judge last year. 12, 03) French President Emmanuel Macron wants the baguette added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

But the Modern Talking phenomenon -- which includes eleven albums, number one hits in 20 countries and Bohlen's memoirs, "Nothing but the Truth" (Nichts als die Wahrheit) which topped the book charts when they were published last year -- was not to last for ever.

Now, after years of rumors of a possible break-up, the band has decided to write the last chapter in the Modern Talking saga.

The band has cancelled all other concerts due this summer in cities across Germany since their announced break-up at the beginning of June. It is not the first time the pair -- record producer and singer Dieter Bohlen, (49) and musician Thomas Anders, (40) -- have called it a day.

After forming in 1984, Anders and Bohlen split just three years later citing artistic differences.

He insults contestants and makes wisecracks about their singing abilities, or lack thereof.

So he's basically a Teutonic version of Simon Cowell with a fake tan. Well, he certainly has an amazingly "rich" vocabulary when it comes to giving failed contestants a piece of advice for life.

One fine example of his myriad pearls of wisdom that he shares with people on Deutschland sucht den Superstar is: "You sing like a garden gnome on ecstasy.” Blimey! Not that we know if he's religious, but he carries himself like he's second only to God.

The news came as a shock to Modern talking fans as Bohlen declared the break-up at a concert in the North German town of Rostock in early June.

Thomas Anders, for whom the sudden announcement also came as a surprise, confirmed the news but admitted that the timing – right at the start of their summer tour -- may have not been right.

So he's not just vocal coach, but life coach as well, eh? "The Bohlen Way" focuses more on bulldozing your way through life than anything else.

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