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Hirotaka gunned the engine of his motorcycle, weaving in and out of traffic on the river road, trying to get ahead of the speedboat. “Don’t even slow down.” Yori withdrew a grappling hook gun from her pouch.

Yori clung to his black leather jacket, feeling the chill autumn wind biting her face and whipping her dark hair. The motorcycle rose toward the center span of the bridge. ” Yori struggled fiercely, then relaxed, saving her energy for an opportunity.

“It will be my honor to save the world from you and your employers,” she said. Sumo Ninja pushed Fukushima to one side and came at Yori, who simultaneously kicked his sternum and punched his nose, knocking him on top of Fukushima, who howled in pain.

Sumo Ninja grabbed Fukushima, dragged him down the hall, and leaped out the window into the dark rainy night.

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“Okay, we’ll talk about it, and go over the rough drafts of each other’s papers.“They have escaped,” a Chinese officer said to Yori. “There could be more ninjas, who would steal the plans while I chase those two. Would you have me continue guarding this place, or go after Fukushima and Sumo Ninja?” “I think I’d better ask the general.” Rain fell steadily outside the windows of the Northwest State University Library, where Kim Possible and her fiancé, Ron Stoppable, were sitting on a couch in the lounge with nearly twenty books about China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia, and Vietnam spread out on the table.“It’s bigger than the ones we saw in the tomb,” Kim remarked.

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They split the books between backpacks, put on their jackets, and walked down the steps in the rain. ” “I will meet you at the harbor, downriver.” “I would be honored to fight beside you, Yori.” “I know, but we have no time to park the bike,” she said.“At least we both got B’s on that essay test,” said Ron.

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