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It sometimes feels a little disjointed as a complete dining experience.

It can be a little confusing as to how to proceed through this portion of the meal, which is labeled for sharing but served only with shallow little bowls instead of larger plates to more easily partake of several at a time.

Fragrant flickers of toasting peanut, caramelizing pineapple, vivid lemongrass, and warming chili fill the air.

I've reviewed a wonderfully diverse collection of restaurants this year that specialize in grilled meat on sticks.

She and her husband and partner, John, prize the coconut shell charcoal so much for its dry, hot burn that they imported an entire 20-foot shipping container of it from Malaysia: "American smoke would overpower the marinade," she says.

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I stop at the back of this long and narrow dining room, where the open kitchen is framed with yellow curtains and industrial lights and where two long grill tables filled with glowing coals are topped with dozens of skewers fanned out like bouquets of roasting meat.MENU HIGHLIGHTSSaté kajang and melaka (all good, but the goat, pork, and tofu were our favorites); ketupat; nasi lemak bungkus; mee hoon goreng bungkus; beef rendang daging; ayam kurma; kerabu herb salad; black rice pudding; sago pudding. But try an upgrade with a lager from any of several locals (Victory, Stoudts, Sly Fox, Troegs) or take a more exotic approach and pair with a saison. Valet stands between Broad and Mifflin and at the Singing Fountain are open weeknights; more stands between Tasker and Morris open weekends.WEEKEND NOISEA noisy, bustling 90 decibels due to lots of hard surfaces. And just so vegetarians don't feel neglected by my carnivorous enthusiasm, the tofu skewers were also exceptional, with crackly crusts and tender centers that had fully absorbed the marinade's flavor.

The other sauce here is a Hainanese sweet-and-sour pineapple peanut blend called that pays homage to Malaysia's Chinese culture - a cuisine featured more prominently at Chinatown standbys such as Penang and Banana Leaf, whose menus appear to have surprisingly little overlap with the Malay-centric Saté Kampar. And if you've ever wanted to eat an entire meal of meat on sticks (yes, please!

But try an upgrade with a lager from any of several locals (Victory, Stoudts, Sly Fox, Troegs) or take a more exotic approach and pair with a saison. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia; 267-324-3860, https:// Kampar/. Skewers-up to this aromatic new BYOB dedicated to the Malaysian art of saté. ) sizzle in back over custom open grills filled with coconut charcoal, and the rest of the small menu offers boldly flavored Malay specialties, many wrapped in bungkus banana leaf bundles that evoke first-time restaurateur Angelina Branca's homeland.

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