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The moment features actress Alice Eve scantily clad in a trailer heavily centered For those who follow the "Star Trek" universe you know Marcus is a love interest for Kirk; however, it seems an odd placement in this trailer, which obviously revolves so much around the villain and is plot-intensive, to hint at any sort of love scene.opening in a month, our partners at Omelete recently sat down with Benedict Cumberbatch.


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In 2017 the NAG LAN will be hosted at the annual r Age Expo in Johannesburg.Not as an actual father, though, that’s not a storyline at all, but I mean that he’s become a father to his crew When an image appeared online showing Cumberbatch’s villain character seemingly locked up aboard the Enterprise, many fans noted that its similarities to the same plot device of “villain gets captured but it’s all part of the plan” that was used in ?Yet a series of high-profile roles both on television and in the movies has earned him a growing legion of female admirers…much to his own amazement.It is a brash invitation for the up-and-coming 30-year-old British actress to join them at an Oscar party that night.

He’s brilliant in it, I’m really excited to see his performance.Come and support this growing industry, and discover what esports is really all about!