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Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.This is much faster than scrolling through entire guide.For your convenience I've inserted special search codes near every section to help you easily hop on to that section by using search code provided.either I was a couple of levels higher than listed or I don't remember anymore (maybe Quickies did the job).If it happens that you're around the spot you feel too tough to conquer, leave a note for yourself in the guide, and come back to it later when you're stronger.Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation of copyright law.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== 02.) LEGAL INFORMATION - G0200 =============================================================================== =============================================================================== This document is copyrighted to me, Damir Kolar. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form.PERMISSION WILL *NOT BE GRANTED* TO FAN BASED WEBSITES.

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