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03-Jun-2017 21:34

However in the pre-made neighbourhoods that are installed with my game, many of the characters start off as LG and B rather than all B.

In addition, some characters that have only interacted with one gender still have a preference for the other.

My criticisms of The Sims 1 and 2 (apart from the erasure of trans people and identities mentioned above) is that there are no pre-existing LGB familes when you install the game.I will write about The Sims 3 and 4 in another post, though I will mention briefly that “joined unions” have been scrapped and any sim can now marry a man or a women.The Sims has been such a huge part of my life and I’ve now been playing the game for over half of it.In addition, He was also taken away from his mother by social services as a child.

This is a bit to close to the “abuse makes you gay/bi” myth/stereotype for comfort.

When turned on you have a wide range of benefits, such as being able to fulfil all your sim’s physical needs in the click of a button.