Drupal feed aggregator not updating

08-Jun-2017 01:42

When editing the field, set up a custom value key with the name you want to use for this value in the xml field, keeping in mind that you want to be sure that each value is unique in the feed.

As you add the fields, you can see in the preview an array of the values that will be displayed in the XML.

We will attach it to the Feed content type we just created, use the HTTP Fetcher to retrieve it from the XML link we just created on the Source, use the x Path XML Parser to deconstruct the values and move them into right fields, and the Node Processor to create nodes from the results.

Create the node mapping before you configure the x Path parser. First set up the Node processor to create nodes of whatever content type you want to contain the imported values, in this example that is ‘Article’.

You will see a resource for ‘Views’ and for the path you created in the view. You can see the output as xml by going to as json by going to etc.

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If the content needs to have references to other content, use the Entity Reference module to create the reference fields (

The Source will share its content using Services and Services Views.