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18-Nov-2017 19:00

These people possess fantastic spatial skills, and from an early age they are preoccupied with concepts of space and orientation.A typical INTP is obsessed with technology and will usually choose to study science.Debates aside, INTPs often appear shy due to their preference to work quietly and alone.Their natural reserve may be difficult to penetrate and, except for a few close friends, INTPs don’t really open up to anyone and are often underestimated.⇧ INTP Interests, Hobbies and Learning Style When talking about INTP, design is what first comes to mind.⇧ INTP Meaning INTP stands for “introverted” (I), “intuitive” (N), thinking (T), perceiving (P).Introversion is a preference to focus internally and spend a good portion of your time alone in quiet surroundings.

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On the other hand, they enjoy talking about abstract concepts, science, technology, mathematics, which usually results in technical and complex speech that cannot be easily understood by others.

Other Names for INTP How to Recognize an INTP Interests, Hobbies and Learning Style A Special Thing About INTP Dating, Love and Relationships Decision-Making Style Strengths Weaknesses Random Facts About INTP How to Get an INTP Like You Careers for INTP INTP Job List (101 Job Titles) INTP as Leaders Adjectives to Describe “The Architect” Personality Type INTP’s Warning Label Famous People with INTP Personality Type INTP Characters (Fictional) INTP is one of the 16 personality types developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers in the first part of the twentieth century.

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