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21-Oct-2017 04:41

This website may have potential but it is a HELL of a long way from being Myspace or Facebook.You see, the biggest complain I have about this website is that it is NOT Moderated ANWHERE! Sure, it's good to talk with different people, and there may be really good people who are fun to talk to here.By your use of Chatango you agree to be bound hereby.Chatango is a service owned and operated by Chatango LLC ("we" or "us"). Communications using the Chatango service are not monitored or controlled by us.So, the basic rules are as follows: If you are a guy, you are pretty much safe from anything just as long as you can withstand the occassional troll.

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Yes there are many people that talk sexually to eachother, but most kids in the chat site's range are looking for that.

I spoke to several minors on this website and 87% of them reported being approached on by an adult who was being sexual to them.

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Not everyone is into talking dirty, some people just want to make friends.

The sexual perverts are giving the site a bad name.

I gotta say, Chatango isnt for social rejects or any of that. Alot of attention whores(Mostly these so called `goth or scenes`)These so called `elite RPers` Saying that ***RP ONLY; DONT SAY HI OR HELLO OR U WILL BE BLOCKED*** And the worst of all: Original people.