Bsd update not updating kernel sources

26-Nov-2017 20:25

bsd update not updating kernel sources-68

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72133ad : Fix alloc-dealloc-mismatch (new[] vs delete) in tests. c7af85d : ART: Update graph's exit block field if removed de48aa6 : JDWP: fix breakpoint on catch statement ae0d7de : Log the process memory maps on host SIGSEGV.

0eb4251 : Fix mac build: cast fpr callee save addresses. 679b1cf : Fix for potential moving GC bugs around proxy class. 650f0c4 : Revert "Switch to using ELF-64 for 64-bit architectures." d5111bf : Do not use dex_compilation_unit after inlining. 3c651fc : ART: Sometimes even empty methods take forever to verify 4437219 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for Heap Poisoning a0629d5 : Update failures 3a75e9d : Update libcore failures aaf143d : Switch to using .debug_frame for CFI.

07276db : Don't do a null test in Mark GCCard if the value cannot be null.

8909baf : Mark Check Cast's and Instance Of's input as !

8ea18d0 : Pass the dex method index directly to interface trampoline.

ea216b3 : Add missing oatdump test dependency 19510f0 : Add oatdump test f898087 : Split .oat_patches to multiple sections.

bsd update not updating kernel sources-13

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9099ef7 : Add tests for Instance Of's and Check Cast's Must Do Null Check 0ba218d : Remove unnecessary clinit checks 2b79984 : Revert "Add test for Change-Id: Ied0412a01922b40a3f5d89bed49707498582abc1" 0f675d8 : Add test for Change-Id: Ied0412a01922b40a3f5d89bed49707498582abc1 dbad6e8 : ART: Add missing Checker file c4de943 : ART: Immutable `variables` dictionary in Checker d126ba1 : [Optimizing] Thumb2 assembler: use 16bits branches when we can.When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.If your company wants to make lightning strike repeatedly, consider these points.80afd02 : ART: Clean up arm64 k Number Of XRegisters usage. d56376c : Revert "Revert "Introduce a Near Label in thumb2."" e12997f : Return an invalid Stack Map when one cannot be found. 1f277e3 : Revert "Introduce a Near Label in thumb2." b176d7c : Also encode the Invoke Type in an Inline Info.

24128c6 : ART: Rename graph dump file name to 'graph.cfg' 7114119 : ART: Implement next-line assertions in Checker 6423cf5 : ART: Refactor and simplify matching in Checker 39b6c24 : Intercept JNI invocation of String. 540cc3d : ART: Use v2 version of Native Bridge struct 2debd80 : Fix a cts crash around proxy class fields.

ad5fa8c : Support generation of CFI in .debug_frame format.