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13-Oct-2017 06:31

Growing up Spaniard and being raised by wolves who ate one leg of Ibérico ham a day, I learned to skip breakfast altogether and save myself for lunch.

High school in Miami meant having to choose between Krispy Kreme, cachitos (think Venezuelan ham croissants), and croquetas for the first and most important meal of the day. In college, after a long night out, breakfast doubled as a fourth meal with a stop at the Golden Arches drive-through.

This feature allows the students to create a different ambience for each room, giving every student a chance to enjoy different aspects of the party.

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Ever since Ronald began hawking them in 1971, they've made up 19 percent of fast food breakfast sales.

Reject the typical barn-like auditoriums and moldy reception halls for a far more memorable vessel when you book your bash on one of Biscayne Lady’s signature yachts.

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